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What do we do?

With a team of in-house and freelance music directors curated by Mikey McCleary, BMH provides custom music and complete audio solutions to clients while constantly building a valuable music content library.  

What do we do differently? 

Currently in our industry, music for brands and broadcasters is created by commissioning one Music Director (often via a video production house) to create a single piece of music. While we can also provide single composer services as a production house, we offer an exciting alternative option at Bay Music House. 

We provide our clients with 4-6 custom made music pieces for each film/project so that the client can choose what direction works best for their vision. This allows the client to see how different, and sometimes unexpected, pieces of music can elevate their project. Once one of these pieces is selected, we fine tune the music perfectly for the job. The remaining unused pieces of music are kept in our ever expanding library of music ready for future use and adaptation. To put it simply, our method involves several composers pitching to win a job, and competition brings out the best result. Pitching through a Music House is a tried and tested formula internationally and 70-80% of music for TV ad films are done this way globally.


Furthermore, we do this at a very competitive price – less than the cost of going directly to an established Music Director. 

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