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BMH Syncs

BMH has carefully curated a catalog of indie music from artists all over India which is ideal for syncing with advertising campaigns and for use in film and Television. ​

Ad agencies and filmmakers can use this catalog to find the best fit for their projects. 

And in turn, indie artists receive greater exposure for their music through sync deals in mainstream media, and of course, monetary benefits.  

BMH Syncs also specialises in obtaining sync licenses from record labels. 

Through our industry knowledge and contacts, we are able to facilitate sync deals at fees that are significantly less than directly approaching labels. 

A recent example of this, is a sync deal between BMH & Saregama for the Myntra #beunskippable ad campaign with the song 'Bar Bar Dekho'.

To view our Music Library and be a part of BMH Syncs, get in touch with

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